About Me

A Message from Harjot

Sea Life’s Opportunities (pun intended)

Hello! This is your host and loving friend Harjot!

I am grateful that you are reading this right now as it means that I’m doing something right and that you value something, somewhere, somehow of whatever it is that I have to provide to you! 

If you are wanting to know me a little better, here goes! 

I’m a 20 year young human being, I mostly stay quiet when I don’t need to talk and use my eyes to observe the world, but I love to strike up a conversation when the opportunity presents itself. As for what my passions are, I am obsessed with the financial markets (yes I am a financial markets trader), besides that I am an active reader and learner, I love to gain new wisdom and knowledge from people who know more and have experienced more or something different from what I know and share it on the Growing With Harjot Podcast, so you could say that this podcast is currently my purpose in life to learn and grow with you!

How I see the Life

I believe that life is all about perspective and it is your perspective of life that will be the direct result of whether you live a great life or a miserable life.

I’v tried living the miserable life long enough as I used to be a victim of deep depression at a point in my life, now I can say that I have also had experience living the great and more fulfilling life!

Might I say that I’d choose to live a great life any day of the week or year for that matter, not only has the shift in mindset improve my happiness, it has also positively spilled out into all aspects of my life financially, emotionally, socially and everything possibly experienced in life! 

Enough rambling about myself, tell me about yourself and how i can provide you with value! 

I’d love to hear and know more about you! Feel free to leave me an email on my contact page or slide into my social media messages! Let’s connect! Have a blessed and truly happy day!