What is Growing With Harjot?

Growing with Harjot Podcast is a documentation podcast of all the failures, successes and valuable personal experiences learnt by the podcast host Harjot, a young 20 year old dream chaser and thinker who is going against everything that he was taught since birth and finding his own truth and life’s path all while living the best version of himself day in and day out. If you are a teenager or someone in your 20s and are looking for a friend you can relate to and grow with on your own journey to your own success, if you are someone who wants to own your outcomes in life then this podcast is for you!

This Podcast is for you IF…

1: You Value your GROWTH

2: You want to lead a more positive life

3: You want to understand yourself and life better

4: You are ambitious and have BIG Dreams and Goals

5: You want to become more open minded

6: You want to find peace and bliss in life

7: You want to fast track your SUCCESS

8: You want to go on a spiritual journey

9: You want to live a more fulfilling life


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004: Realise that everything is happening for your greater Good
July 28, 2019
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003: Learning to live life day by day
July 14, 2019
Do you find yourself lost thinking about how everything is going wrong in your life, how things didn't work out for you or how you will make things work out for you in the future?   My stor

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